Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Using Carmex


My story with Carmex goes back to 2003, during my staying in Egypt, where I could listen from friends receiving calls from their families in the US the sentence “… and do not forget about sending Carmex”. Well, once is fine, but when I heard this two or three times from different people I asked “what is Carmex after all?”

I found out and remembered having seen it previously during my staying in the US some time before. Well, I was used to the typical cocoa butter stick that I had every winter, to use over my lips and that was quite alright. But then in Spain I started seeing Carmex in pharmacies and decided I would get one little box to try. It didn’t happen then. Until I came here in the US and bought the original one, as there are many variations. I frankly like trying the original formula, with the original scent, like the old style woman I like being. Then it was not yet cold, it was extremely hot I would say, very strange for a fall season. Nevertheless I wanted to try it, as I always use a lip base before applying gloss or lip color. Normally I use my two favorite brands till now: Collagenist Lip Zoom by Helena Rubinstein and a very spicy and happy one: Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Pump. Now when I tried this balm I realized that as for a cosmetic it works very well, leaving my lips smooth (as SMPEP does) and enriched with essential oils (as HR does too). It won’t replump my lips but it is ok, I feel it does help anyway and it is an excellent lip balm base, as I have discovered. What I most like about Carmex is that it really heals because due to the changing temperature I had a sore lip and it worked it out in one day. Then I have to speak about the formula: Camphor, menthol, beeswax, aloe, Shea butter, cocoa butter. These active ingredients help heal cold sores and also smooth rough and peeled lips. I found out it has petrolatum, and I am not very keen on using petrolatum but as for the lips it is ok I think, since I am not putting it on areas where the pores must breath constantly, and with this I mean that every time you use a lipstick you are covering the skin of your lips. To protect them especially and mainly and then to look beautiful. I always put some balm on my lips, they can really get dry if I don’t. I am sure Carmex has other uses out of being a balm, and maybe you could share other uses as well. Since it is external analgesic I assume it was the reason why my sore lip was not hurting anymore. I know it is a very old formula now, and I believe in old remedies very much. So here I am using Carmex and surely during the winter time I will be needing it daily.


I bought this box of Carmex at Wal Mart.

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